Coaching package

In addition to the standard fitness subscription, you can opt for additional modules, such as group lessons, guidance, etc. You pay a small extra amount for this. Do you want to get more out of your training and sharpen your goals? Ask your trainer which module(s) is(are) best for you.

The PREMIUM subscription includes all modules with a significant discount of over 20 euros.

You can choose from the following coaching modules (only in combination with a fitness subscription):

Group lessons participation in all group lessons 5,00 p/month
FitCheck monthly measuring & weighing, evaluation coach / schedule 7,50 p/month /min. 3 months.
VYTAL nutrition app nutrition app thousand+ meals and recipes 10,00 p/month /min. 3 months.
EGYM fitness circle unlimited use of the EGYM fitness circle 15,00 p/month /min. 3 months.