Fitness & strength training at The Fitnessclub Delft

Strength training makes you stronger and builds extra muscle mass, resulting in a more muscular, tighter and fitter body. With fitness and strength training you also burn a lot of calories and fat. Compile your personal training schedule with your trainer and achieve the results you have in mind. Don't wait any longer, come to the gym and start getting fitter and stronger!

Say goodbye to paper training plans:

  • accessible from your tablet or smartphone;
  • included in every fitness plan;
  • created by your coach.

If you need extra nutritional advice at the gym, visit one of our trainers. They can further inform you about our nutrition plan.

Check your physical condition with our Body Check-up!

Are you experiencing physical discomfort? Our physiotherapist can help you.

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Fitness & krachttraining

Fitness & krachttraining

Fitness & krachttraining