House Rules

The Fitnessclub provides a sportive fun fitness and group lesson experience. To make and keep the visit to our location enjoyable for everyone, The Fitnessclub enforces the following house rules:


In case of doubt about your identity, the staff of The Fitnessclub is entitled to ask you to show a valid ID.
The minimum age to enter the club is 16 years old. Young people from 14 to 16 years old can only train under the supervision and responsibility of a training member of The Fitnessclub who is 16 years or older.


Participation in training is on your own responsibility.


It is not allowed to smoke and use alcohol / drugs within the establishment. Consuming food and drinks that you have brought along is not allowed. Only a bottle filled with water may be used in the training rooms.


The use or trade of muscle strengthening and / or stimulants is not permitted. If the foregoing is observed with the consumer, The Fitnessclub will terminate the membership with immediate effect without refund of any payment and without the payment obligation for the current membership period expiring (see also General Conditions art. 7 paragraph 6).
The Consumer loses his / her rights, but retains his / her current obligation to The Fitnessclub.


The use of a clean towel during training is mandatory! A towel can be rented or bought at the reception.


The consumer is obliged to use sports shoes that have not been used on the street. In the aerobics room you should use sports shoes whose soles do not transfer. The use of slippers during exercise is NOT allowed.


Wearing sportswear is mandatory. Frayed, torn or malodorous clothing is not allowed. For men, we prefer you wear a t-shirt instead of a shirt, tank top or any other form of a sleeveless t-shirt.


Making calls in the training rooms is not allowed. This is allowed in the lounge area. Sound carriers, provided with headsets are allowed.


When parking and walking in and around the building and in the vicinity, no inconvenience may be caused to local residents and surrounding companies. Pay close attention to where you can and cannot park. Only park in the parking spaces and not in front of the garage doors of the companies on the ground floor. Parking is at your own risk.


It is recommended that you use equipment and weights after receiving instruction from one of our instructors so that you can exercise safely.
After using a device, clean with your towel or with a suitable cleaning agent.
Put weights and other training equipment back after use!


Without permission from the management it is not allowed to give training in any form or in any sports.


You must register for a group lesson via our mobile app or website. Make sure you are present at least five minutes before the start of the class so as not to keep your fellow athletes waiting. Please check the schedule for schedule changes.


Damage caused by a member to the inventory or the building of The Fitnessclub Delft, will be recovered on the basis of legal and contractual liability. Everyone is obliged to immediately report damage caused to an employee.


It is recommended to store valuable items in a locker and during training. It is not allowed to bring bags, jackets or other items of clothing into the training areas. These must be left in the designated lockers or clothing racks.
After closing time, all lockers are opened for cleaning. You cannot claim to use a locker after closing time.


The management is not liable for loss, theft or accidents in and around the fitness center.
Violation of the above rules may result in cancellation of the membership card, without refund of membership fees.

The Fitnessclub Delft reserves the right to change house rules.