HYROX at The Fitnessclub Delft


In the fitness club we all have our own goals. One person wants to build up more fitness, another wants to grow bigger muscles and another is trying to lose some kilos. And that's the great thing about fitness: there is something to do for everyone. But what if you are not at CrossFit level, but would like to test your fitness in a competitive context? Then HYROX is the fitness event you should participate in.


HYROX is the ultimate and accessible workout in the field of strength and cardio. A mix of fitness training and functional strength exercises, where the goal is to complete a full series as quickly as possible. At a HYROX event, all participants do the same exercises on the same course. The aim is to complete the entire course as quickly as possible. The one with the fastest time wins, it's that simple. But in the end you are of course there for yourself and you just want to have a good time (and finish the course).


HYROX is accessible to everyone, but that does not mean it is a piece of cake. The workout consists of 8 rounds of 1km running, alternating with functional cardio and strength exercises. The exercises discussed are inspired by the basic movements that the human body can perform. You may also know them from the gym:

  • 1000 meters on the Ski Erg
  • 50 meter sled push: you push a heavy 'sled' forward
  • 50 meter sled pull: you move the sled by pulling it
  • 80 meter burpee broad jumps, variation on the burpee. You jump forward instead of up
  • 1000 meters rowing
  • 200 meter farmers walk, or walking forward with heavy weights in both hands
  • 100 meters sandbag lunges, the lunges we know, but with a heavy sandbag on your back
  • 75 or 100 wallballs: you throw a heavy ball against a wall

You start with running 1 kilometer, then you do a fitness exercise. Then you walk another kilometer, followed by another exercise. You perform this combination a total of eight times. Practice the movements that will be covered during the HYROX workout and make sure you can perform them with the correct technique. You can train it in a group, with a Buddy or on your own. Our expert HYROX trainers can help you with this.

How is Hyrox different from CrossFit?

From the outside, Hyrox and CrossFit may look quite similar: they both involve high-intensity workouts and functional movements to create a challenging, full-body workout. HYROX offers movement patterns that are less complex and technical and less prone to injury than CrossFit. While CrossFit events can sometimes be daunting with all those muscular men and women, HYROX is a very accessible fitness event. No matter what level you train, you can participate: HYROX fitness is for everyone. HYROX is The fitness race for every body!

The main differences between CrossFit and Hyrox events are:

  • The competition: Hyrox races are always the same everywhere in the world. They use the same running distance and the same exercises, in the same order. Conversely, CrossFit competitions usually consist of a variety of workout routines, and competitors don't know what these workouts will be until just before the event starts. Hyrox events can last approximately 60-90 minutes, which is longer than most CrossFit workouts.
  • Exercises: Hyrox exercises have been selected because they are fairly safe and easy to perform, making the race accessible to the average gym-goer. CrossFit workouts typically involve more complex and advanced movements that require a lot of practice to master the technique.
  • Running: Running is half of a Hyrox race, something that doesn't happen very often in a CrossFit race. Running 5 miles in the Hyrox race won't be easy for many and it can pose a new challenge for CrossFit athletes.

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