MegaCross CrossFitness at The Fitnessclub Delft

Looking for a gym in Delft with a "back to basic" method that combines different types of training? Then MegaCross CrossFitness might be the thing for you! CrossFitness can be practiced individually or as a group lesson in the fitness room. At CrossFitness everyone trains the same techniques and movements, without complicated schedules. The execution, resistance and intensity of training is individually adjusted. This makes CrossFitness accessible to everyone .

Your body is optimally strengthened because all muscle groups are addressed. After starting training this way you often experience that your movement is smoother and that you have more energy. By using your own body instead of exercising while sitting on a strength device, you are much more effective at losing weight faster and improving fitness and posture. We also call it functional training.

With a "functional training" you traing all your muscles; not only for strength, but also for endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility. Know that fat burning is best stimulated by functional training, because the more you engage, the more you burn.

  • no strength machines are used;
  • use is made of, among other things, pull-up rack, resistance band, kettlebell, clubbell, macebell, plyobox, ropes, Olympic dumbbell, medicine ball, dumbbells, sandbag, TRX, tractor band etc .;
  • exercises with your own body weight;
  • your entire body is trained without isolating specific muscle groups;
  • functional movements (the body is just as stressed as in everyday life)
  • combination of different sports (running, weight lifting, gymnastics, rowing, etc.);
  • lowers the fat percentage;
  • increases muscle mass;
  • increases your strength;
  • increases your stamina;
  • increases your flexibility;
  • increases your overall fitness;
  • no complicated schedules;
  • challenging training, both competitive and recreational;
  • Complete Body Workout.

The Fitnessclub Delft is the designated gym for functional training and cross fitness.

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MegaCross CrossFitness

MegaCross CrossFitness

MegaCross CrossFitness