MegaStrong powertraining


MegaStrong powertraining mainly focuses on powerlifting. Powerlifting is a fitness and strength discipline that cosists of three main fitness exercises: the Squat, the Bench press and the Deadlift, where the athlete finds his / her maximum limit (one-rep-max) - with the right technique during the execution of course.

The training

The training of a powerlifter is aimed at increasing muscle strength and to a lesser extent on increasing muscle mass. A powerlifter will therefore follow a sport-specific training schedule, aimed at the right disciplines: strength, technique, volume, intensity and frequency. In addition, there are many types of powerlift methods & protocols that can be used to get stronger.

Unlike a bodybuilder or active fitness practitioner, a powerlifter will follow a powerlift schedule that includes workouts in low rep ranges (1 to 5 reps) with more rest between sets (3 to 5 minutes). In addition, a powerlift schedule consists not only of the three compound exercises, but also of supporting strength exercises to strengthen smaller and / or weaker muscle group(s), such as dumbbell presses, barbell rows, shoulder presses, etc. Technique training is central to a powerlift schedule.

Contrary to what many people claim, powerlifting training is a very intensive sport due to a different training intensity than fitness training and higher load.

What does a competition powerlifter train for

A competition powerlifter trains to become as strong as possible in three compound exercises which are tested in a powerlifting competition. During a powerlifting competition, the aim is to move as much weight as possible. The execution of the three exercises is highly regulated, with the correct execution being paramount. In addition, there are strict rules regarding registration, the different weight classes, the type of sportswear, the competition structure and doping policy.

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MegaStrong powertraining

MegaStrong powertraining

MegaStrong powertraining