Personal Training at The Fitnessclub Delft

At The Fitnessclub Delft you are surrounded by expert fitness instructors who can support you with instructions and fitness exercises. We point out the correct posture to perform exercises effectively. We will guide you through the equipment so you can exercise responsibly. We are happy to give you personal advice and help you set up a personal fitness program.

Do you have a specific training goal in mind? Do you find it difficult to achieve this goal? Our personal trainers support you in achieving your goal, whatever goal you have in mind! Do you want to lose weight, become more muscular or improve your fitness? We create a training program for you, tailored to your personal situation. Training with a personal trainer ensures that you go that one step further in a safe and responsible way!

Check your physical condition with our Body Check-up!

Are you experiencing physical discomfort? Our physiotherapist can help you.

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Personal Training

Personal Training