Nutritionplan at The Fitnessclub Delft

Nutritional advice should of course not be missing in the gym. The Fitnessclub Delft puts together a complete nutrition plan for you and uses the professional program BenFit.

The BenFit program has been specially developed to work on your lifestyle in a healthy way: whether the goal is to lose weight, gain weight or stay in balance. You will be guided by a personal coach who will work with you to realize a healthy lifestyle. Your coach will give you weekly nutritional advice, including a shopping list, individually tailored to your body and situation.

This means that your body's energy needs (based on your resting metabolism), the intensity of your work and the number of hours you exercise are taken into account. In addition, the program takes into account preferences, eating patterns and allergies or intolerances. A unique healthy nutritional advice tailor-made for you!

  • counting calories is no longer necessary;
  • Simply create your personal nutrition plan with your coach;
  • accurately track your progress and easily adjust it;
  • access anywhere on your mobile or tablet;
  • easy to use and very clear;
  • over 1,000 recipes;
  • the whole family can participate.